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Top 50 cycling blogs



Quick description
1Bike PortlandPortland bike scene news
2BikeSnob NYCPopular blog on bicycle culture
3Fat CyclistThe one and only Fatty
4Copenhagen Cycle chicPictures of cycling in Copenhagen
5CopenhagenizeLife in the worlds cycling capital
6Urban VeloReflecting on bicycle culture
7Commute by BikeThe place to go for all things commuting
8GwadzillaRants on cycling and on life
9VelorutionUK bicycle blog and company
10CycleliciousCovering bicycle culture
11Bicycle DesignVery interesting posts on bicycle design
12Bike CommutersGetting people into bicycle commuting
13Bike HuggerBeautifully designed blog with excellent posts
14Kent’s Bike BlogBike related thoughts
15Bicycle TutorGreat source of bicycle repair tutorials
16Eco VeloEco friendly cycling
17Podium CafeThe world of Pro Cycling
18MasiguyRecovering bicycle addict blog
19Drunk Cyclist“Two Wheels. One Dark Lord.”
20Quickrelease.tvFocus on video content
21Amsterdamize“100% Lycra-Free, Guaranteed”
22Cozy BeehiveBike tech and engineering, to history, humour & pain
23OnionbagblogCycling sport in South London
24Bike HacksBicycle customisation from funky to functional
25Bike RumorProduct rumours in the bike industry.

26Guitar TedA blog by a bicycle and guitar fixated individual
27Do The Right ThingExcellent blog with some unique posts
28The Bike ShowBicycle radio show podcast
29Trackosaurus rexHard to describe – but worth visiting!
30The Velo ORANGE BlogA blog about bicycles and cyclo-touring
31Bike Blog NYCUrban bike culture in NYC and beyond
32Bike Commute TipsHelpful suggestions for bike commuting
33Biking TorontoInfo about cycling in Toronto
34RidingPrettyLooking good on your bike
35London Cycle ChicCycling and looking good, love this blog!
36Bicycles and IciclesCycling through the cold
37RocBikeParticular focus on New York State
38Fit ChickFitness, training, racing and where they take you
39Austin on Two WheelsThe online magazine of Austin bike culture
40Dave Moulton’s Bike BlogAn ex-framebuilder’s personal thoughts on cycling
41Ride-StrongAvid cyclist and triathlete with passion for cycling
42The Epicurean Cyclist“Wool, Twine and All Things Fine in Cycle Touring”
43Velo VoguePictures of stylish cyclists in San Francisco
44VelogogoNews, bike culture and bling bling
45CycleDogHumorous blog from cyclist with an attitude
46Let’s Go Ride a BikeTwo girls practising city cycling
47London Cycling DiaryPedalling across the capital
48Girls and BicyclesGirls on bicycles
49Cycling ChallengeCycling in the Alps
50The Bike NoobAdventures of a biking newbie!

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